Rules at Kyneton Golf Club

House Rules

  1. In the Clubhouse and around the course Members and their guests must be dressed appropriately. Everyone must be attired in shirt and trousers / shorts / etc. and with footwear at all times.
  2. Equipment, personal items and clothing must not be left on Club premises other than in Lockers which may be hired for this purpose.
  3. Notices, advertisements and the like may only be displayed on Club premises with the permission of the Club Secretary.
  4. The Club Notice Board is for the exclusive use of the Club Committee.
  5. The Club Car Park has a number of designated reserved spaces for Club Office Bearers and Committee members. These are not to be used by other Members or their guests at any time. Members are reminded that Tuesday is the official Ladies Day and all courtesy should be given to these Office Bearers.
  6. Members and their guests must not reprimand a Club employee or volunteer worker at any time. Any complaints about staff, volunteers, other Members, or their guests must be communicated to the Club Secretary who shall bring the matter to the attention of the Committee.
  7. Members and their guests may use motorised carts / buggies on the course provided they are not driven or parked on or within 5 metres of greens and tees. Carts must be driven in a safe and considerate manner at all times. The use of carts upon fairways and surrounds should be kept to a minimum and carts should travel along the edges of fairways wherever possible. No cart may travel within 5 metres of the edge of a bunker or water hazard.
  8. Designated putting and chipping areas must be respected at all times by Members and their guests.
  9. Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.

Responsibilities of Players

  • To know and observe all Club rules at all times.
  • To know and observe the Club’s House Rules.
  • To know and observe the Conditions of Play.
  • To know and observe the Rules of Golf.
  • To check prior to play and observe any Local Rules.
  • To check and affirm the accuracy of their score card. The correct handicap, the marker’s and the player’s signatures, and Club membership identification including Golf Link number must be provided on the score card.
  • To submit their scorecard for every event entered. Failure to do so may result in the requirement to explain or a penalty imposed by the Match Committee.
  • To know and observe golf and course etiquette.
  • To ensure that they place their litter in bins.
  • To carry a sand bucket at all times and ensure that their divots are filled with sand and smoothed over.
  • To ensure that their pitch marks on greens are repaired.
  • To ensure that their footmarks and club marks in bunkers are repaired as soon as the Rules allow.
  • To play no more than two practice balls upon the course.

Course Etiquette

  • The Club places great importance on the need to adhere to the following standards of conduct.
  • Members and their guests must conform to these requirements to ensure all players enjoy their golf and contribute to the comradeship of the Club.
  • DON’T talk, move or do anything which may distract the attention of another player making their shot.
  • DON’T shout or call loudly (except calling “Fore!”).
  • DON’T try missed putts over again if others are waiting to play.
  • DON’T dawdle between shots and minimize practice swings and time spent over the ball when addressing the ball.
  • DON’T mark your card at the green, move to the next tee. If you have the honour, hit first and mark your card after.
  • DON’T delay in calling through following players if they keep coming up behind, or if you expect to take some time searching for a ball which may be lost, or there is some other delay in your group.
  • DON’T play up to players ahead until they are out of range.
  • DO place your buggy / cart around towards the next tee- and carts at least five metres from tees and greens.
  • Above all, be polite, considerate, tactful and patient.

Closure of the Course

  • From time to time the Club Committee may close the course.
  • Pennant events, corporate golf days, Tournament days, and Special Events may require the closure of the course for these activities.
  • On some occasions course maintenance and works may also require course closure or restrictions for the safety of all.
  • The Greens Committee or Superintendent may rule the course unfit for any play.
  • The Captain may rule the course or part of it unfit for Competition play.
  • Members and their guests shall not play the course or those parts of the course when such a ruling applies.

Introducing Guests

  • Guests and visitors using Club facilities must enter their name and full residential address in the Visitor’s Book in the Clubhouse.
  • A Member may introduce up to three playing guests at any one time upon half payment of relevant green fees. Guests must be accompanied at all times during play by the introducing Member.
  • If a Member wishes to introduce a Guest on a competition day other than a Guest Day, the guest must be a holder of a current AGU or WGU or other official handicap or seek prior approval from the Match Committee to be permitted to play in the competition field.
  • Guests so playing in competition play must pay half green fee in addition to the full applicable competition fee.
  • Club rules prohibit the same guest being introduced more than once in any calendar month by any Member or Members.
  • It is the introducing Member’s responsibility to ensure that such guests observe all Club policies, House Rules and Conditions of Play. The introducing Member shall be fully accountable for the conduct of his or her guests as if it was their own conduct.
  • Where guests are under the age of 18 years this responsibility is especially important and close supervision may be required and expected by the Club.

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